Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Desmosomes and its disorders

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This post is about the importance of desmosomes in various dermatological conditions.

Desmosomes are present in stratum spinosum of epidermis.  They are calcium channel dependent adhesion molecules (cadherins)  and hence form intercellular connections.

Desmosomes are seen all through the epidermis, but are obvious as spines in spinous layer.

They have many constituents. Important transmembranous  parts are:
•Desmoglein (DSG)
•Desmocollin (DSC).

Now we will focus on Desmoglein (DSG) .
•DSG-3 is present mainly in basal layer of epidermis and strongly seen in mucosae.
•DSG-1 is present in superficial epidermis and is not seen in mucosae.

Clinical importance:
* If DSG-3 is damaged --->
   early, severe mucosal involvement.
   Lower level of damage to epidermis.
* If DSG-1 is damaged --->
    No mucosal involvement.
    Superficial epidermal damage.

° If IgG antibody is formed against DSG-3, then the resulting disease is known as Pemphigus vulgaris.
° If IgG antibody is formed against DSG-1, then the resulting disease is known as Pemphigus foliaceous.

A mnemonic to remember DSG-3 for basal layer and mucosal involvement :

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