Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mnemonic on viral structures

Hey guys!! Long time!

As the title suggests this post will help you remember the different viral structures in a way that is fun and easier.

Here is the explanation:

The EMS receives APB type C signal (think CB radio) and they drive on the FORD ambulance to the guy, FTR (think FDR), who ends up needing CPR because he is High.

Helical -ssRNA:
APBC (Arena, Paramixo, Bunya and Corona; Corona-only exception to this group since it is +, so it hangouts out on a string)
FORD (Filo, Orthomyxo, Rhabdo, Delta; Delta-structure is uncertain so it has a cut corner)

Icosahedral +ssRNA:
FTR (Flavi, Toga, Retro) - "you can think of Flavorful Toga party w/ Retro music where this guy is"
CPRH (Calici, Picorna, Reo, Hepe; Reo - only dsRNA)

Now, all are enveloped except CPRH (bottom row).
The circles on Arena, Bunya, Delta indicate circular DNA (think of it as lights on ambulance and Corona square as antenna that has + signal).

For DNA viruses: All are icosahedral and dsDNA, except Pox that is complex, that is why it is staying on a side.

Herp and Hepadna are both enveloped (sounds like an old couple names so 2x H stick together). Herp is a guy, has liner DNA so the square has 2x parallel lines. Hepadna, a girl, is partially DS and circular so it has incomplete second circle.

PAPP (Parvo, Adeno, Pap, Polyo) all non enveloped
Parvo has SS and liner DNA so it has one line
Adeno is DS and linear DNA so it has two lines
Pap and Polyo ("sorry") are boobs on the side, since they have double stranded circular DNA.

Thanks Yuri for your contribution to the blog! 

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