Thursday, January 25, 2018

Alport syndrome mnemonic


This mnemonic is on Alport syndrome!
Well, the 'Port' in alPORT reminds me of 'Pirate ship' (port - a port in the sea - pirate ship).

1. The pirate flag has cross bones which kinda reminds me of X for X - linked disease. 

2. ‎Number 4 in the port side for type 4 collagen defect.

3. ‎'Bloody' pirates reminds me of haematuria and glomerular basement membrane damage. 

4. ‎Captain shouting, "AAARGH" for crew members who can't hear (Sensory neural hearing loss)
S for sensory, S for sailor, the deaf sailor kinda reminds me of it.

6. ‎Eye patch - for cataract.

That's all!
Stay awesome!

This mnemonic was written by our Medical Student Guest Author, Nikhil.

The image was illustrated by our Medicowesome author, Chaitanya Inge.

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