Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hypolipidemic drugs classification mnemonic

Hypolipidemic drugs classification mnemonic

The mnemonic for classification of hypolipidemic drugs is, “DIBS On Oily Food”

D - Dietary cholesterol absorption inhibitors
Ezetemibe (E for Eat)
D and E are alphabets next to each other.

I - Inhibitor of TAG synthesis and lipolysis
Nicotinic acid (I looks like a cigarette, that reminds you of Nicotine hence, nicotinic acid)

B - Bile acid sequestrants
B and C are alphabets next to each other.

S - Statins
Mnemonic: PLAy with Skipping RoPeS
P - Pravastatin
L - Lovastatin
A - Atorvastatin
S=> Statin (All end with statin)
R - Rosuvastatin
P - Pitavastatin
S - Simvastatin

O - Omega 3 fatty acids

O - Others such as Gugulipid

F - Fibric acid derivatives
Mnemonic: Fabric Clothes, Gems and Benz are Fine
Fabric - Fibrates (most of them end with fibrate)
C - Clofibrate
G - Gemfibrozil
B - Benzafibrate
F - Fenofibrate

Hope this helps!

This mnemonic was written by our Medical Student Guest Author, Anagha Rao :)


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