Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Medicowesome Student Guest Author Internship (MSGAI) program

Hey everyone!

We are launching the Medical Student Guest Author Internship (MSGAI) program for Medicowesome this month!

If you have wanted to contribute or write about medicine but you haven't been able to - this is your chance! :)

For this project, I am not only asking people to write mnemonics and posts but also mentoring student authors who are interested in medical education. It's basically a small program on how to compile ideas and make them presentable. Writing and teaching has also made me a better student (and helped with my grades!) so I will be giving a little guidance on that as well.

But to participate in the Medical Student Guest Author Internship program you must have:

1. Ideas (whether it be cool facts, mnemonics or presenting a usual fact in an unusual way - I will help you out with this.)

2. Willingness to write on a timely basis (because ideas not brought to a reality are no fun!)

If you are interested, email me on with "MSGAI" in the subject and we can take it forward from there :)

I am so excited about this!!! :D

Frequently asked questions:

Do we have time constraints?
Not really, but I prefer that you complete your first project within 2 weeks of joining so you can learn as much as you can from me (before I get super busy again).

How long will it last?
I am not sure but I will be your guide for at least 8 weeks if not more.

I can write on any topic that I want?
Yes! Anything related to medicine!

What will I be learning?
It depends on what you really want to learn - writing, making videos, learning about creating blogs, etc. You have to let your mentor know what you want to learn.

Who will I be learning from?
From everyone! You will be a part of the MSGAI group with other MSGAs (Medical Student Guest Authors). Though most of the mentor-ship will be on a one to one basis, this group is for discussing common ideas and sharing things that we've learnt with others.

PS: At the end of the project, if you enjoy being a guest author and you wish to continue with us, you're always welcome to join the team and be a permanent author.

That's all!
Due to time constraints I may not be able to accommodate everyone but I'll try my best!

PS: We changed the name to Medicowesome Student Guest Author Internship because this program is open to dental students, pharmacy students and other paramedics.

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