Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Advice for interview season: Being street smart

Akshay Vacchani wrote these tips and tricks for interview season. He told me, "I didn't know all of this, it's what experiences taught me."

I think it's helpful to read it after you've submitted your application.

After 15th September, download mymail application:

I found this app fastest one to download ERAS email and notify you with earliest possible time with distinct notification sound.
(Gmail wasn't refreshing new emails that quickly, I think least time duration was 15 minutes and I didn't like Gmail app.)

Be ready to respond quickly to the programs as in some date may fill out quickly, so fast notification and quick response to program, along with keeping google calendar open either in your tablet or phone will help you easily choose date and organize them based on their locations.

Once you get an interview....

Organize dates of program wisely.

Use Google calendar and use some special color for program's interview day. Use different color code for different works like flights or airbnb check in time, etc.

Use Google reminders to respond to any email or phone call important for these all procedures.

Use google map and save all program locations and your hotel or Airbnb rooms, give them stars or label them as you like. This will definitely help you to plan all stuffs and may help you to save money with better planning.

Before the interview:

Make a different folders for each program in your google drive, copy and paste all ERAS info, any program related info, place where you are leaving, flight info into different docs.
Why? So that you can have access to all from one place, especially, in case of emergency. (No network or device lost or something.)

Day before the interview...

Check weather info in advance.
Sometimes you may not have access to Internet because of bad connection. Make a shortcut of Google maps (travelling to hospital from your place).
If you are going to book a cab, you can also book Lyft or Uber in one day advanced for particular time in the morning, I would definitely suggest that.

Bus recommendation:
Use Greyhound instead of megabus because of wonderful facility of waiting station with restrooms even in mid size city. I had to wait in 0 F° outside for Megabus, and the bus was delayed, which may not go well for you sometime.

For Greyhound, I would suggest you to book a flexible ticket especially using discount coupons on festivals if you sure about your departing and arriving city. You can always change date, have priority boarding or full refund.

Flight recommendation: Southwest
For flight, I would definitely suggest to book Southwest, even if you don't have luggage.

Booking in advanced, you can get it for cheaper price, always use refund money for other flight, always modify or cancel.

And best thing, you can get change flight time with no extra money even at last minute.

You call them, tell your flight is delayed and there is any slight chance of change in estimated time of departure, (if there is more than 1 hour, then for sure), you can ask for early flight whatever time you want, and no any extra fees.

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