Sunday, February 18, 2018

Schizophrenia First Rank Criteria : Mnemonic

Kurt Schneider laid down the First Rank Symptoms of Schizophrenia.
They're tedious to remember but we need to know them for MCQs and entrance tests!
So here goes :

Mnemonic :
ABDS VV (Very Vella)

A = Audible Thoughts (Echo de la Penses)
B = Broadcasting Thoughts + Insertion/Withdrawal of Thoughts
D = Delusional Perception
S = Somatic Passivity

V = Volition absent (Avolition)
V = Voices speaking / Arguing

That's all !

Few contributions to Schizophrenia :

The word was Coined by : Bleuler
Demence Praecoxe : Morel
Dementia Praecox : Kraeplin
1st rank symptoms : Schneider

Bleuler also gave the 4 A's of Schizophrenia !
They are Avolition, Autism , Ambivalence and flat affect.

Hope this was a good list for you !
Happy studying !
Stay awesome !

~ A.P. Burkholderia


  1. Hi Burkholderia,
    i wish to draw your attention to the listed bleuler's 4 A's of schizophrenia which should be loosening ASSOCIATION, ftattened AFFECT, AMBIVALENCE (same as AVOLITION), and AUTISM, as opposed to what you posted.
    good job!

    1. Do you have a way to remember these 4As? I get them confused as there are many As other than this 4As in negative symptoms.

    2. Then remember the 2nd letter in As.


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