Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Koebner Phenomenon

Hi everyone!
Koebner Phenomonon is a much talked about skin phenomenon.
In this post I'll just discuss Koebner's and its variants briefly.

1. What is it ?
- Many skin conditions tend to occur at the sites of previous trauma.
- This propensity of some new disease to be localised to trauma marks from before is called Koebner's. 
- Also called ' Isomorphic Phenomonon'.

2. Why does it occur ?
- So that's kind of unclear ! But it is said that trauma causes some amount of Subacute inflammation.
- This Subacute inflammation is mainly IL1 and 17 mediated.
- Such an inflammatory condition predisposes the site to further Autoimmune damage.

3. Conditions where Koebner Occurs ?
Mnemonic :
Truly , she Pees Very Little.
True Koebner seen in
Lichen Planus

4.  What is Pseudo Koebner's  ?
- Now the basis of true Koebner is that on a site for existing trauma, a new autoimmune lesion appears.
- When the trauma site gets secondarily seeded by some organism causing lesions along its line it's called 'Pseudo Koebner's phenomena'.
Examples =
Molluscum contagiosum
Verruca Vulgaris ( Warts).

5. What is Reverse Koebner ?
- When a lesion along a trauma line gets resolved spontaneously it's called Reverse Koebner.
- Seen in Psoriasis and Granuloma Annulare.

6. What is Reverse Remote Koebner ?
- (isn't that about enough with this topic now?! Are they kidding us with this?)
- So it's seen in Vitiligo. When one patch undergoes resolution with surgery etc , patches elsewhere get resolved too. (God knows what this means , but yeah. *yawns* )

7. What is Pathergy test ?
- So this is a somewhat similar reaction.
- In people with Behcet Disease, if they're poked on their forearm with a needle , they tend to develop pustules and ulcers over it.! It's almost diagnostic of Behcet's.
So, that's all in this post !
Hope this was helpful.
Happy Studying!
Stay awesome!
~ A.P.Burkholderia.

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