Sunday, March 11, 2018

Pulp Stones

This post is about age changes in the pulp. If the first thing that comes to your mind is pulp stone! That's correct! So, Let's dive into pulp and learn more about it :))

In Pulp cavity, age changes causes 
  • Cellular changes
  • Fibrosis of tissue
  • Pulp stones or denticles
  • Diffuse calcification

Cellular changes

There is a decrease in 
  • Number of cells
  • Size of cell 
  • Number of Organelles

Fibrosis of tissue

  • Accumulation of bundles of fibers
  • In radicular pulp: longitudinal fiber bundle
  • In coronal pulp: diffuse fibers
Therefore collagen fiber content increases in pulp organ. 

Pulp stone or denticle

  • They are nodular or calcified masses
  • They have calcium:phosphate ratio comparable to dentin
  • They can be Single or multiple
  • Present in functional and unerupted teeth
  • It is present in both coronal and pulpal portion

Classification: According to structure 

True pulp stone
  • Rare 
  • Found in the apex region 
  • The remnant of epithelial root sheath within pulp induce pulp cells to differentiate into odontoblast to form dentin masses
False pulp stone:  they appear as concentrically years of mineralized tissue

Classification: According to location

  1. Free pulp stone is entirely surrounded by Dentin 
  2. Attached pulpstone is partially fused with Dentin 
  3. Embedded pulpstone is entirely surrounded by pulp 

This Post is written by Anisha Valli,

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