Sunday, March 4, 2018

Stroke Series: Cortical lobar functions

This is a basic post on our stroke series -

1. Frontal lobe:
Okay guys, for frontal lobe, I think of an average guy (not the musician, not the good looking) trying to get a relationship - well, that's were you need your frontal lobe for.

• Personality - definitely, it's one of the prime qualities an average guy should have.

• Flirting skills - Social behaviour and language.

• Emotional control - you have to have good emotional control even if you fail at it multiple times.

• Other functions are Motor and Micturition.

2. Parietal lobe:
It has dominant as well as a non dominant side. For the dominant side, think of a calculator and for the non dominant side think of playing Tetris video game.

• Dominant side - Calculation and language.

• Non dominant side - Spatial orientation and constructional skills  (Tetris game).

3. Temporal lobe:
For the temporal lobe, it has both dominant as well as non dominant side. For this, you have to think of the position of temporal lobe near your temples, near which you have your ears, mouth and nose and for the non dominant side it's the musicians area.

• Dominant side - Auditory perception and balance, Smell, Verbal memory, Language.

• Non dominant side - Melody, Pitch, Non verbal memory (musicians remember music, not words, it's a weird way to remember!)

4. Occipital lobe:
O looks like an Eye to me O_o for vision.

    • Visual processing

That's all!

This is a basic post. I'll come up with a detailed one soon. Enjoy studying!

The Stroke Series is written by our Medicowesome Student Guest Author, Nikhil. More to come soon!

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