Monday, April 23, 2018

Medicowesome secret project: Long Distance Metastasis

What is the secret project? How can I participate?
Name: Anshika Singh
Passion: Poetry

Remember the first time we Met?
It was a splendid malignant day
You werenʼt looking for anything serious
Had a no strings attached benign way

Working your tumor next door charm
Effortlessly made apoptosis to disarm
That was the day I knew youʼll be my girl
Shining amidst the neoplastic whirl
And so our passion grew
Lustful proliferation ensued
VEGF partied in our honor
TGF-beta crippled in a corner
All I am today I owe it to you
Memories keep me from feeling blue
In a lifetime full of radio-chemo betrayal
Youʼll always be my one true primary
I write to you from a foreign endothelial
Though you donʼt reply to your secondary

The reply-
You accuse me of letting us grow apart

But it was Distance who played its hand
Fate brought in a hematogenous spread
Lured & seduced with a lymphatic expand
A breach in tight junction, you just fled

Insecure of your paraneoplastic new career
Came true my deepest fear
Weʼve metastasized, now I knew
But this primary hasnʼt forgotten you.


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