Saturday, April 21, 2018

Medicowesome secret project: Trouble in St. Bowel High School

What is the secret project? How can I participate?
Name: Anshika Singh
Passion: Poetry

There came a girl to the big city
Now she wasnʼt all that pretty
She didnʼt see anyone like her
Not one clique cared for her
What would you do in a situation such?
She did the same, stayed quiet much.
Queen B Bacteriodes had a perfect pout
Her girl gang would follow her around
Peptococcus, your typical football jock
Flirted with cheerleader EColi round the clock
Enterococci hashtagged you-cant-sit-with-us
Lactobacillus tweeted I need no fuss
So you see this girl got really lonely
Thought ʻwhy nobody wants to be friends with me?ʼ
She laid low, didnʼt get carried away
By all the shallow trends in her way
Didnʼt do shit just to get accepted
Chilled out despite being neglected
Then came in the ravishing Salmonella
If this was a fairytale, she was Bella
Within 12-36hrs she got all the attention
Charmed the people of the gut with her Vi so fine
Told stories of strange lands & how with her the host loves to dine
The enchanted flora onlooked as she swam
In her flagella bikini without giving a damn
But the dean of St. Bowel High School didnʼt agree
Said ʻThis is a prestigious Gut, not a fashion spree!ʼ
Sent Salmi to Payerʻs for detention, called for diarrhea disciplinary
Well itʼs highschool, crazy things happen
From the sky a lot of Antibiotics started fallinʼ
It was a catastrophe, I still hear the cries
In this story eventually everyone dies.
The gut hallways empty, every flora wiped out
No Peptococcus to flirt, No wannabe Bacteriodes to pout
Nobody survived, but one forgotten soul
That new girl without friends all so lone
She made it through the antibiotic storm
Without the mean girls around she got in her form
And just when I thought things will heal,
She revealed her name is Clostridium Difficile!
Charged and entoxicated with new power in her hands
She painted the town with pseudomembranous sands
The shy little creature was shy no more
Wicked rather, like a crooked whore
With an evil grin concocted toxin A&B
Itʼs always the quiet ones, you see!
As the legend goes her tyranny did end
Since special force Capt. Metronidazole was sent
His funny sidekick Sporlac took care of the rest
And finally there was peace as you might have guessed.

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