Tuesday, May 15, 2018

AFASS criteria

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AFASS CRIETRIA is used to decide whether a HIV positive mother can breast feed or not provided that she has not started top feed yet.
(Why? Once the mother started to top feed the child, this criteria is not used. HIV positive mother in such case should continue top feed. Because mixed kind of feed is more dangerous than top feed alone)

Acceptable: The mother perceives no problem in replacement feeding. Potential problems may be cultural, social, or due to fear of stigma and discrimination.

Feasible: The mother (or family) has adequate time, knowledge, skills, resources and support to correctly mix formula or milk and feed the infant up to 12 times in 24 hours.

Affordable: The mother and family, with community or health system support if necessary, can pay the cost of replacement feeding without harming the health or nutrition status of the family.

Sustainable: Availability of a continuous supply of all ingredients needed for safe replacement feeding for up to one year of age or longer.

Safe: Replacement foods are correctly and hygienically prepared and stored, and fed preferably by cup.

Source: http://motherchildnutrition.org/info/afass-principles.html (Click to know what all questions are asked)

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