Thursday, May 24, 2018

Referred Pain

The pain sensation produced in some parts of the body is felt in other structures away from the place of development. This is called referred pain According to dermatome rule,
  • Pain is referred (transferred) to a structure.
  • This structure is developed from the same Dermatome from which pain producing structure is developed.
I know! It’s confusing *_*
Let me make it easy for you, There is a pain in your heart and this pain is transferred to your left arm.
How is this happening •_• This is because the heart and inner aspect of the left arm is developed from the same dermatome. Now, you must be thinking, what about other areas of the body!
  1. Pain in testis is referred to the abdomen.
  2. Pain in the ovary is referred to the umbilicus.
  3. Pain in the diaphragm is referred to the right shoulder.
  4. Renal pain is referred to loin.
Thought question: Do you know about any other areas? Comment me with your answers! 
I wonder, can acidity cause referred pain?

- Written by Anisha Valli

1 comment:

  1. Spleenic injury pain referred to left shoulder : kehr's sign

    Liver abscess pain reffered to right shoulder


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