Saturday, May 5, 2018

Transitory Sutures

Transitory Sutures are found in cap stage of tooth development

Enamel Knot: Enamel organ cells form a knob-like extension which extends to the underlying dental papilla.

Enamel cord: it is a vertical extension of enamel knot

Enamel septum: when enamel cord extends to meet outer enamel epithelium it divides stellate reticulum into two parts

Enamel navel: Depression present at the junction of enamel septum and Outer enamel epithelium is known as enamel navel and it resembles umbilicus

Enamel Knot signals determine the shape of the tooth
Enamel Knot and Enamel cord act as a reservoir of dividing cells 

- Written By Anisha Valli

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