Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Can you find Asterixis in Non-Hepatic disorders?

Hello Awesomites! :D

This doubt came to my mind when I saw a case of COPD with asterixis.
 I used to think of asterixis with respect to hepatic disorders only.
 So let see is it so?

"Asterixis"is a non-specific sign. It is also known as flapping tremor.

It is a non-specific neurologic finding which may accompany organic delirium in a variety of metabolic or toxic disorders which interfere with cerebral metabolism.

It can be found in the cases with:-

1. Chronic pulmonary insufficiency

2. Uremia

3. Drug induced electrolyte imbalance

4. Arterial hypoxemia

5. Other reasons of electrolyte imbalance.

 Stay Awesome!

Upasana Y. :)

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