Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Movements of eye muscles.

This post is actually the primary post for squint studies. Just basic post so we can explore squint in easy and simplified manner.
So there are seprate diagrams for anatomical and clinical functions. In this post we will go for former part.
Anatomical functions diagram.

Note: Don't use this diagram when you are studying squint. This diagram is used only for movements of eye muscles.
So every muscle has 3 actions except medial and lateral rectus.
Actions are divided into three types Primary, secondary and tertiary.
We know the basic or primary action of superior and inferior rectus is to elevate and depress the eyeball respectively.
According to the diagram given you also know that superior rectus can intort and adduct. Similarly, inferior rectus can extort and adduct the muscles.

How to remember this?
1) Through diagram.
2) Trick: Recti muscles are adductors

Now comes to SO(Superior oblique) and IO(Inferior oblique). Now this is also basic which we fail to notice often. These muscles are coming to tarsus part of eye obliquely. So, primary action is intortion and extortion respectively. Now go to diagram and you will notice that IO actually corresponds to SR hence it performs elevation and SO corresponds to IR so it performs depression.
Also, both the muscles are "Abductors"

How to remember this?
1) Diagram off course!
2) Trick: Superior muscles are Intorters and inferior muscles are extorters.
To keep the things in apple pie order I have made this chart. Hope it helps.
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