Friday, August 3, 2018

Stop Antibiotic Abuse!

Hello Everyone,

It's been really long since the last post! Well it's been hectic all the way to and through residency.

I was recently researching on the topic of antibiotics while I stumbled upon this excellent piece of information cum approach by Dr.Strong on starting Anbiotics.

Well everyone should ask themselves these 12 questions before starting any antibiotic for one's patient and trust me you'll end up choosing the most appropriate one.
This is how we don't contribute to the Antibuse- "Antibiotic Abuse"( my personal neologism)

So now coming back to the questions, ask yourself these questions before you start any antibiotics,

1) What condition is being treated?
2) What are the commonly known bacterial species causing that condition?
3) Which antibiotic group is typically active against those?
4) What are the local resistance patterns for the chose antibiotic?
5)Will there be adequate organ penetration?
6) What is the preferred route of administration?
7)Any specific contraindication of the antibiotic to look out for?
8) Any required dose adjustment for coexisting renal or hepatic diseases?
9) Any specific drug interactions to be considered?
10) When on therapy anything that needs periodic monitoring?
11) How can the therapy be narrowed once bacterial sensitivities are available?
12) What will be the anticipated duration of the therapy?

Let's take a step towards stopping the rampant Antibuse.

That's all for now.

Let's learn Together!
-Medha Vyas.

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