Sunday, October 28, 2018

Facebook:ENT X-rays part - 1


Which is the last sinus to appear radiologically on X-ray?
1) Maxillary sinus
2) Ethmoid sinus
3) Sphenoid sinus
4) Frontal sinus

Answer with detail explanation through blog in 12 hours.

So, this post is regarding our Facebook page question on ENT X-rays.
Correct answer is Option 4- Frontal sinus.

Let's get into some details and all of them are potential one liner questions.

Order of development of Paranasal sinus is
Maxillary > Ethmoid > Sphenoid > Frontal

I remember this order with mnemonic - "MESs Food"

Maxillary sinus and (Anterior) Ethmoid sinus are present at birth.
Maxillary sinus appears at 4-5 months of age radiologically.
(Anterior) Ethmoid appears at 1 year of age radiologically.

Sphenoid sinus: Development start at 2nd or 3rd year after birth and continues till adulthood. Making it last sinus to complete development.
It appears radiologically after 4 year of birth.

Frontal sinus: Development starts after 4 year of birth and completed at 13-14 years of age.
It appears radiologically after 6 years of birth.

Happy learning :)

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