Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Authors' diary: Assessment and plan

Hey everyone!

As a medical student rotating in the US, I would have a tough time "typing" the assessment and plan. I would have it straight in my head but putting it all into words was difficult. I guess because I came from a different medical system where we don't write assessment and plan in our notes.

Anyway, I have created the assessment and plan series for common cases seen in the Internal Medicine floors and ICU.

The assessment should capture all the data you have acquired so far and should reflect your thought process. It should give hints on what you are thinking of and what you are ruling out.

The plan is what you will do about it. It can be organized into subsections or just simply listing everything you are doing.

All cases in the assessment and plan series are hypothetical and do not reflect real patients or scenarios.

I am not good at typing notes. I think I am okay but I am uploading it anyway so that it helps someone who is planning to do electives / just started residency!

- IkaN

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