Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Cryptic conundrum in ET: Thrombosis or bleeding?

In essential thrombocytosis, contrary to what might be surmised, bleeding is more of threat than thrombosis.

This is because high platelet count especially above 1 million/mm3 cause acquired von willebrand disease, much like type 2b von willebrand disease, where excessive affinity of vWF for platelet Gpib result in excessive removal of platelet-vWF complex by spleen results in  thrombocytopenia and loss of high molecular weight vWF multimers.

However, incidence of erythromelalgia , transient ischemic attack and other microvascular events are also high in patients with essential thrombocytosis.

Pretty complex and contradictory, right?

- Kirtan Patolia ( BJ medical college).

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