Saturday, November 10, 2018

Facebook: ANM registration


In a subcenter population, Crude birth rate is 20. What is minimum expected number of pregnencies registered with ANM?

1) 110
2) 120
3)  55
4) 100

Answer within 24 hours.

Answer is Option 3)

Let's get to this tricky question.

Total subcentre population is 5000.
Total CBR =20 per 1000 mid year  population.
Hence, 20/1000* 5000
=100 births.

Now here comes the tricky part.

Abortion and still birth accounts for 10% wasted pregnencies.
So 100+10 (10% of total births)
As per rule, ANM should have 50% registration, therefore 110/2=55
Approximately C) 60

That's all.

-Demotional bloke.

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