Monday, December 17, 2018

Chediak Higashi syndrome.

Hello! This is Ultra short post regarding Chediak higashi syndrome! Hope you like it.

In normal person, when bacteria is engulfed by WBCs, they are carried to lysosome enzyme by LYST protein.
LYST protein stand for Lysosomal transfer protein.

Defect in LYST protein causes Chediak Higashi syndrome. It is autosomal recessive disorder.
No LYST protein so no phagocytosis of macrophages. Hence recurrent infections.

Clinical features:

1) Recurrent infections.

2) Absence of Melanin - Albinism.
LYST also helps in transfer of melanin to superficial layer of skin

3) Decrease in Myelin formation - Delayed conduction.

4) Hemorrhage.
LYST helps in maturation of megakaryocytes to platelets.

Confirmation: Incomplete digestion of bacteria leads to formation of  "Giant granules inside cell"


C- CNS involvement
HE- Hemorrhage
DI- Decrease immunity

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