Saturday, January 26, 2019

Submission: Tips for Step 2 CK

Hello All,

I am currently preparing for my step 2 CS exam. I gave my step 2 CK in June 2018 and scored >250.

Here are the resources I used-

1) Onlinemeded lectures+MTB

2) U world Q bank


Here is what I. Used to do-

Listen to Online meded lectures and take notes on MTB but I did not read them again. I just listened to OME lectures  2nd time while exercising.

I printed the pdf file circulating with UWorld tables and Followed listening lectures of online meded  with doing questions of Usmle World and taking notes on Tables file.

Then I used to revise whole system I did in the week on weekends

Initially I started with one system a week and in the end I did 2 systems in a week.

Some important points to note-

1) U world and Online meded are the basic resources. 

2) Listen to all the online meded lectures  before solving U world Qs. It helps alot and makes the process of going through Usmle world Qs a lot easier.

3) Memorise Usmle World tables on your tips. 

4) Every option of Usmle world Qs is important. Go through not only the right one but also the wrong options properly.

5) I used to give a NBME every 3-4 weeks to track my progress and gave UWSA in the end. I started with 200’s and went upto 250’s.

-Parneet kaur

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