Thursday, February 21, 2019

DM - PM (Abs associated with Malignancy)

Serum autoantibodies — Some serum antibodies in DM and PM confer a positive risk of malignancy, whereas others are associated with a negative risk.

●Positive risk – "Cancer-associated myositis" (CAM) in adults has been associated in several studies with antibodies to transcription intermediary factor (TIF)-1gamma (anti-p155, anti-p155/140) and with antibodies to nuclear matrix protein (NXP)-2 (anti-MJ or anti-p140) .

●Negative risk – Conversely, the presence of myositis-specific (anti-synthetase antibodies, anti-Mi-2, anti-SRP) and myositis-associated antibodies (anti-RNP, anti-PM-Scl, anti-Ku) appears to be associated with a decreased risk of malignancy but an increased risk of interstitial lung disease in DM . More study is required to determine the utility of these autoantibodies for cancer screening in patients with myositis.

Around 30% of patients with Dermatomyositis develop Malignancy.

Around 5% of patients with Polymyositis develop malignancy.

Bhopalwala. H

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