Friday, February 15, 2019

Psoriatic Arthritis

Diagnostic criteria for Psoriatic Arthritis :

●CASPAR criteria – The CASPAR study concluded that a patient with an inflammatory musculoskeletal disease (peripheral arthritis, spondylitis, or enthesitis) can be classified as having PsA if a total of at least three points is accumulated from the presence of the following list of features (each of which is assigned a certain number of points):

•Skin psoriasis that is:

-Present – two points, OR

-Previously present by history – one point, OR

-A family history of psoriasis, if the patient is not affected – one point

•Nail lesions (onycholysis, pitting) – one point

•Dactylitis (present or past, documented by a rheumatologist) – one point

•Negative rheumatoid factor (RF) – one point

•Juxtaarticular bone formation on radiographs (distinct from osteophytes) – one point

These classification criteria should facilitate studies in PsA and may function well in diagnosing PsA, given sensitivity and specificity in four studies, including two of early arthritis patients, ranging from 91 to 100 percent and 97 to 99 percent, respectively [90-94]. However, these criteria can only be applied to individuals who demonstrate evidence for inflammatory musculoskeletal disease (peripheral arthritis, axial disease, or enthesitis).

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