Friday, March 8, 2019

Useful Pediatrics mobile apps

Technology is a crucial part of our life nowadays. Below are some apps that can make a pediatric student/resident/specialist life easier :D

1- Uptodate

The famous app for the well-known website “ Uptodate” where you can get peer-reviewed data for nearly any subject you may think of. It also has a section for adult and pediatric medication dosing which can be helpful. Another nice section is the patient education section that is really helpful to explain complex medical things to parents in layman terms.
Keep in mind that you ll need an account which may be provided to your through your residency program, a friend or you yourself paying for Uptodate.

2- Medscape

The app for the amazing peer-reviewed website Medscape. Just create an account and search for any disease you like (epidemiology, incidence, clinical presentation, treatment, prognosis..etc).

3- Medstudy and Medstudy audio apps

The apps for the Medstudy book series. Listen to a medstudy chapter on your way somewhere or revise some pages through your app. These apps require an active Medstudy subscription

4- PCO / Pediatric Care Online 

A nice app by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Through this app, you get access to “Red Book”, one of the most famous books/sources for Infectious diseases and their treatments, “Bright futures” which is helpful to hone your skills in your continuity clinic among many other things.
To get access completely, you need an AAP account which will be provided by your residency program. 

5- Heartpedia

A great app from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Through this app, you can have a 3D visual construction of the most common congenital heart anomalies (ASD, VSD, PDA, COA..etc). Choose the angle you like, zoom in or out. The app also has links to youtube videos explaining the defect. This app is particularly very helpful if you are trying to explain a congenital heart defect for a parent and for further clarification to a student.   

6- CDC Vaccine Schedules (Vaccinations, catchup, contraindication)

Vaccines are a vital part of any Well Child Check visit. This app from the CDC has all the tables for Pediatrics and Adult vaccines including the catch-up schedule as well as the contraindications for these vaccines.

An amazing website to help with this is :
Just enter the age of the patient, the vaccines that he/she got and the website will tell you what the patient needs

7- Bilicalc

For nursery folks, you should have Bilicalc on your smart-phones, it is the best app to know the lightable levels (LL) for babies. Just enter the baby’s hours of life as well as the bili result and wait for the app to tell you the LL for low, medium and high risk curves.

It does the same job that does.

 8- eBooks by inkling

This app acts like a “template” through which you can read different books. A must-to-have book is Harriet-Lane (every Pediatrician should have this book :D). To access it, use the code that is located on the first page of the book’s hardcopy. It is given by most residency programs to the residents. If not, you should consider buying it for sure.
9- MDcalc

Scoring systems in medicine are endless. This is the best app that can be your savior. Are you looking for: Westley’s croup scoring? Pediatric Asthma scoring? Calculating maintenance fluids for a child? Well, you just hit the jackpot.
10- GoodRx

Help your patients find coupons so they can buy the medications they need at a lower price.
11- Google keep

Although not medical but this app is wonderful to take notes and to create lists. Write all your lists in one place and use different colors. Synchronize all your notes/lists with any other device: tablet, laptop..etc. Organize your life, a much 
12- Anki

Another non medical app, Anki is a wonderful flashcards app. It acts like a template that you can create flashcards with or use already pre-made shared cards. Add your notes to any deck you like, synchronize between your devices and have your info with you everywhere. 

 Comment below if you have any apps or websites that may be helpful for pediatricians or anyone who is interested in Pediatrics :)


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