Saturday, April 27, 2019

EPISODE 01 INTERNSHIP DIARIES - (The best way to FINISH is to START first!)


                   It’s a busy day, and to top with that you are running late. It’s your first day as a Medical Intern and you are super excited for your future 1 year.

You are entering into this huge sophisticated hospital with the shining silver name plate attached to it “SAN JOSE GENERAL HOSPITAL” and you reach the smiling and pleasant looking receptionist with round glasses on.

“Hello Good morning, I am Kesh, a new medical intern here. Where should I go?”

“One minute please!” She tells you and starts checking something on her computer.

“Hello Dr. Kesh” She looks back at you.

“Omg!” You think. “This is it! People are calling me doctor now! Yoohoo!” you smile widely.

“Please proceed to the Department of Internal Medicine, please look for Dr Wen, your mentor!”
You thank her and follow her guide.


Dr. Wen is a helpful young doctor in his late thirties who happens to be the Chief Resident of Internal Medicine. His orientation on the hospital rules were quite lengthy but was important. His ending was quite remarkable.

“Being a doctor is a dream of many but achieved by few. You are among the lucky few. You are supposed to lead a health care team. which means you should know all the necessary medications and side effects and how it would affect the human being! Your whole team relies on you. There for you need to be responsible and accountable to yourself, your team and your patient.” Dr Wen said. “ You have spent years in Medical school already, and now it's time for the training here and I wish that all of you would take the best chance of that objective by learning to how to be a good healer.” he continued.

“Please proceed to your respective wards now. If you have any problem during your internship, please ask for my help. I will definitely help you!” said he at last.

You check the slip in your hand.

“Ward 3” it says. You slowly walk toward your post.


“Dr. Kesh” You hear your nurse is shouting your name


“Could you please insert an IV line to this new admission?” She asks.

“Here are your gloves, your aseptic instruments and IV catheter. Thanks you so much!”
The nurse leaves you with a full tray and a newly admitted patient who looks worried.

“Can I please insert you an IV line for your vein so that we can hook you up to IVF?” You seek consent!

“Yes sure” Patient gives permission.

You take the pack of Surgical gloves into your hands.

"Now what to do?" you think!

[To be continued...]

Pre lesson questions

1. What are the gloving techniques you know?
2. What are the types of gloves you know?
3. What unit is used to measure the IV cannula size?
4. What are the most common areas of IV cannula insertion?
5. What is a heplock?

Expect the next episode with the answers and the lesson.

You can answer the questions here in the comments, or if you are in our Medicowesome Whatsapp group, you can message me (Jay) or Upasana privately with your name and answer. I will post the names of the first 5, who gave the correct answers with our next post.



  1. Consent - The consent or receiving the willingness of the patient to undergo a medical procedure is a must before you would perform any medical procedure. It could be ranging from a simple needle prick test or to an imaging or an operation.
  2. IVF - Intra Venous Fluid. These are the liquid substances directly delivered into a vein. 


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