Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Age related macular degeneration- some facts

1. Dry AMD is the most common form, but wet AMD is responsible for 90% of the cases of visual loss.

2. Type 1 choroidal neovascular membrane is 'occult' and type 2 is 'classic'. This might be counter intuitive to remember.

3. In the genome, except for chromosome nos 7,11,13,21, and the Y chromosomes, all the other harbour genetic loci for AMD!

4. Hypermetropic eyes are at a greater risk of AMD. This, again is counterintuitive as myopic eyes are usually more prone to degenerative conditions.

5.Another, (sort of) counter intuitive fact is that 'hard' drusens do not lead to macular degeneration while 'soft' drusens precede macular degeneration.

6.Beta carotene, a treatment modality for AMD increases the risk of carcinoma of the lung in smokers as well as non smokers. Zinc causes genitourinary complications- UTIs, prostatic hyperplasia, and in women,stress incontinence. Also, zinc is ineffective in the prevention of advanced AMD. These results are from the two RCTs- AREDS 1 and 2 .


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