Monday, July 22, 2019

Anterior chamber associated immune deviation

Some specific antigens when placed in the anterior chamber of the eye result in a suppression of cell mediated immunity, with a normal humoral component.

There is something known as the ' oculo splenic axis' , whereby the antigens travel via the trabecular meshwork and reach the spleen. In the spleen, they secrete MIP 2 which attracts the NK cells. The NK cells in turn secrete IL10 and TGF beta. The T cells in this environment become regulatory cells and suppress the cell mediated immunity. Production of IL2 is suppressed.

The eye is an immuno privileged organ, as it needs to be structurally maintained pristine to preserve it's light carrying capability. ACAID is a mechanism by which Nature attempts to limit unwanted inflammatory responses in the anterior chamber.

It has implications in intraocular tumors, autoimmune, and infectious immune responses.


PS- The failure of ACAID in the mechanism of lens induced uveitis still remains unexplained!

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