Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Fregoli and Capgras.

So this post is regarding Delusional misidentifiaction syndromes.
There are two of them i. e. Capgras and Fregoli syndrome.

Now both of them are super confusing and are often asked in entrances. I made a mnemonic to remember them. If you can remember any one of them, you can figure out other.

So I hope all of you are aware of GOT-Game of thrones! Remember Arya stark had face swaping ability? She killed entire Frey family by it. So did how she kill them? She disguised herself as head of the family - Walder Frey and killed them.

So take A from Capgras. Here A stands for Arya stark. Arya killed family of Frey by disguising as Walder Frey (Family member). So in Capgras, patient thinks that murderer is going to disguise as a  family member and kill him. Eg Nurse disguised as a wife to kill him.
Capgras is also know as The Delusion of doubles! 

OR (To non GOT fans)

F= Family
G=Gun (In hindi you can simply remember Goli)
"Family members trying to kill patient with Gun but disguised as someone else"
Eg: Wife disguised as Nurse to kill patient (Husband)

"Valar Morghulis"

That's it

-Demotional bloke.

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