Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Relative risk of invasive breast carcinoma based on histological examination

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I was going through some questions on Breast cancer. Found this piece of information.

Based on histological examination of benign breast tissue, we can assess the relative risk of invasive breast carcinoma.
Why do we want to assess this? In some studies it has been found that histologic features, the age at biopsy, and the degree of family history are major determinants of the risk of breast cancer after the diagnosis of benign breast disease. 

1. Findings suggestive of No increased risk
-Adenosis (sclerosing or fibroid)
-Cystic (macro & /micro)
-Duct ectasia
-Squamous metaplasia
-Periductal Mastitis

2. Findings suggestive of slightly increased risk (1.5 to 2 times)
-Hyperplasia, moderate or florid, solid or papillary
-papilloma with fibrovascular core

3. Finding suggestive of moderately increased risk (5 times)
-Atypical hyperplasia, ductal or lobular

4. Insufficient data to assign a risk
-solitary papilloma of lactiferous sinus
-Radical scar Lesion

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