Monday, October 28, 2019

Ashman beat


What's an Ashman beat?

An aberrant PVC, usually of RBBB morphology, which follows a short RR interval and is preceded by a relatively prolonged RR interval.

The mechanism is pretty cool!

The refractory period of the His-Purkinje system is proportional to the RR interval of the preceding beat. So, when two beats are separated by a long RR interval, the subsequent refractory period will be relatively long.

If a premature supraventricular stimulus (short RR interval) follows a long RR interval whilst the His-Purkinje system is still refractory, then the conducted beat will be abnormal. As the refractory period of the right bundle is slightly longer than the left, the aberrantly-conducted beat typically demonstrates a right bundle branch (RBBB) morphology.


- IkaN

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