Saturday, December 21, 2019

Benign vs Malignant pulmonary calcifications mnemonic

A nice mnemonic to differentiate benign and malignant pulmonary calcifications is:

Malignant calcifications are ***SuPER bad*** :P
S: Spiculated
P: Punctate
E: Eccentric
R: Reticular

I use those 3 starts (***) to remind me of punctate.(vs the other P of Popcorn in the benign lesions)

Bening ones are the rest:
Popcorn, laminated, concentric and diffuse homogeneous


NB: these calcification types suggest benign vs malignant lesions and are not diagnostic per se.

Check the other amazing mnemonic by Drashtant in the comments section below  :)


  1. If you don't mind ,
    I find a solution for that extra stars & P by following idea

    Malignant = "Calcification that SPURS Extra like Bony spur"

    S = Spiculated
    PU = Punctate
    R = Reticular
    Extra = Eccentric


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