Monday, December 23, 2019

Important Mnemonics for Oral hypoglycaemic drugs in Diabetes

Hello everyone .. 

I make mnemonics for some important side effects of oral hypoglycemic drugs. 

You must know that because you may prescribe it for 1 out of 11 adults in whole population the of world….!!

Side effects of Oral hypoglycaemic drugs along with it's class & mechanism of action 

#Mnemonic 1
Big Men ForminG Poor Diabetic neuropathy ( D/Dx B12 Deficiency ➡️ confirmed by doing  B12 LAB test.)

Biguanide = Metformin 
Inhibit mGPD 
It causes Vitamin B12 Deficiency & Lactic Acidosis (LA) 

#Mnemonic 2 
1st Key to SUccess is Lord "Ram"

1st Gen SUlfonylureas
Closes K+ Channel 
Ram = Disulfiram like reaction….

#Mnemonic 3 
Paragliding makes your heart failed or maybe a fracture or bladder injury 

Para = PPAR Y
Gliding = Glitazone activates it...

#Mnemonic 4
"Rosy red Blood don't reach to heart (MI) but goes into Pee = Red Pi ( Pee = Urine in Bladder Cancer )
MI (rosiglitazone) 
Bladder cancer (pioglitazone)

#Mnemonic 5
“Change your Daily Personal Passivity (DPP) otherwise your heart fails” 
DPP  = DPP-4 inhibitors 

#Mnemonic 6
“Candid Status is Very Good in Love Test”

SGLT-2 inhibitors can cause Vulvovaginal Candidiasis 

Drugs category & their Suffix 

Pramlintide = Amylin Analogue 

1st gen Sulfonylureas = “Amide”
2nd gen Sulfonylureas = “Ride” & “Zide”
Meglitinides = “Nide”

DPP-4 Inhibitors = “Gliptin”

Glitazones / thiazolidinediones = “Zone”

SGLT -2 Inhibitors = “Flozin”

#Mnemonic 7
Alpha glucosidase inhibitors = "Please Side your Car & Pay Toll"
Acarbose & Miglitol 

#Clinical Pearls 

Weight neutral = DPP 4 & Alpha Glucosidase inhibitors 

SGLT2 inhibitors & GLP-1 = Used in CVD
( Cardiovascular diseases) patients

In case of Renal failure you can only give 2 type of drugs orally = DPP 4 inhibitors & Glitazones 

Injectables can be given in renal failure.

3 times / day dosing = Pramlintide , Alpha Glucosidase inhibitors & Glinide 

Regular Insulin ( Short acting ) is preferred for 
Hyperklaemia (Add Glucose)
Stress Hyperglycemia

Thank you :)

- Dr. Drashtant Prajapati

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