Thursday, January 16, 2020

Choristomas Vs Hamartomas

I get super confused with both the following terms, so I made a lame technique to remember both of them. 


It sounds more like a Christmas. So Christmas tree is usually not grown in India but we do keep it as a sign of Christmas. 
So Christmas tree is normal, but the site (India or any other habitat) is not the usual site of tree, so let's say abnormal. 
So Choristomas is normal tissue at abnormal anatomical sites.

Example - Normal pancreatic cells under the small bowel mucosa.
They are not considered as neoplasm.


'Hamara' in Hindi means 'mine'. 
Remember: this place is mine. So here, place is normal and tissue is abnormal!
That is, abnormal tissue at normal anatomical sites.

Example - Lung hamartomas exhibit cartilage, bronchi, and blood vessels. 
They are considered as neoplasm.

That's it! 
-Demotional bloke


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