Friday, January 3, 2020

Pressure half time in aortic regurgitation notes

Hello! This post may be relevant to IM residents and cardiology fellows.

The continuous-wave Doppler profile of the AR jet shows a rapid deceleration time in patients with severe AR.

A steep slope indicates a more rapid equalization of pressures between the aorta and LV during diastole.

A pressure half-time >500 msec suggests mild AR, and <200 ar.="" msec="" nbsp="" p="" severe="" suggests="">
This parameter is affected by the compliance of the LV, therefore, the severity of chronic regurgitation with well-compensated ventricular function may be underestimated by pressure half-time.

Similarly, in patients with severe diastolic dysfunction, pressure half-time may overestimate the severity of AR. 

This method is less useful for monitoring AR in patients being treated medically as the transvalvular gradient is reduced in patients on vasodilator therapy.


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