Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Types of glare and mnemonic

There are 4 different types of glare-

1. Direct glare- When the source of light is placed in the same or nearly the same direction as the object of fixation.

2. Discomfort glare- Glare which produces discomfort without interfering with vision. One experiences it when the overall illumination of the surroundings is too bright. 

3.Indirect glare- When an intense light source is placed in a direction other than the object of fixation.

4. Disability glare- Glare which reduces visual performance without necessarily causing discomfort. It refers to the reduced visibility of a target due to the presence of light elsewhere in the visual field. Contrast is reduced, and thus the visibility of the target. 

Now. How to remember all four? 
You are familiar with direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes. 

Suppose an ophthalmologist begins with direct ophthalmoscopy, which causes discomfort, both, to the patient as well as himself, because it involves going too close to the face. The ophthalmologist then starts using an indirect ophthalmoscope with the patient in a supine position, but after a while ends up having cervical spondylosis. Thus, getting a disability.

That's all!


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