Saturday, February 15, 2020

Mnemonic for Catalytically perfect enzymes !!

Certain rare enzymes , 
They are so efficient that almost every time enzyme meets its substrate, the reaction occurs. 
E + S ➡️ ES Complex ➡️ Instantaneously Product formed 
For such enzymes this becomes the rate limiting step & is only determined by 
Rate of Diffusion of molecules in solution.
Means , Catalytically perfect reactions are only limited by substrate diffusion rate.( Substrate diffusion into active site ) 

This enzymes are called Diffusion limited/ Catalytically perfect enzymes.

Catalytic efficiency reaches the diffusion limit.

Examples =
Furiously trying to CAtCh ( think Ball) diffusion limit in Superover.

Triose phosphate isomerase 
Cytochrome C peroxidase
CAH ( Carbonic anhydrase )
AchE ( Ach esterase ) 
Ball = Beta lactamase 
Superover = SOD = Superoxide Dismutase 

Thank you...
By Drashtant

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