Sunday, February 23, 2020

Schroeder's Vs Bandl's ring

Schroeder's  Vs Bandl's ring

Bandl's ring:- 

1) It is seen in obstructed labour
2) It is a pathological ring
3) It is a retraction ring
4) It moves up with uterine contractions
5) It can be palpable per-abdominally but not pervaginally
(Remember- Bandl has A after B which stands for per-abdominally)
6) Management: Like obstructed labour, C-section and antibiotics.

Schroeder's ring:-

1) Seen when oxytocin is used judiciously.
2) It is a physiological ring.
3) It is a constriction ring.
4) It is fixed ring, does not move with uterine contractions
5) It can be palpable pervaginally but not per-abdominally.
6) Management: It dissolves on it's own.
If not, then management in first stage of labour includes C-section.
Management in second stage includes forceps or c section.

That's it!
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