Saturday, March 21, 2020

Recent updates about treatment of COVID19

All things you need to know about COVID19 

Recent Updates: 

At present Best Option = HydroxyCQ +/- Azithromycin 
HydroxyCQ for 10 day ( 200 mg TDS ) 

As ACE 2 enzyme is receptor for SARS-Cov-2 & these RAS inhibitors ⬆️ ACE2 enzyme. So hypothetically, there's an ⬆️ Risk of Covid19. But the guidelines recommend that ACEI / ARBs should not be discontinued. 

Drugs under Clinical Trials:
Remdesivir (USA) 
Tocilizumab (IL6) 
Sarilumab (IL6) 
Favipiravir+ Tocilizumab 
Meplazumab (CD147) 
Darunavir + Cobicistat 

Which Rx is used in your country now?  Please comment below ⬇️

Thank you.. 
- Drashtant 

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