Thursday, April 9, 2020

Instructions for new authors: Images, plagiarism, and grammar

Hello awesome authors,

I thought of writing a small guide on things to be mindful when posting images or writing new blogs.

Images: Most art is created by someone else and unless you take explicit permission from the creator or received a copyright for it, you generally do not have permission to use it. You can read more about copyright here: An exception is if the content is under the Creative Commons license. You can read more about it here:

Avoid posting images from the internet. If you need to illustrate an image, Medicowesome has 3 illustrators including me. Let me know and depending on our availability, we can create something for your post. We also encourage hand-drawn images and notes. If it is absolutely necessary to post an image from somewhere else, mention the source of the image in the article (give credits) or get permission from the creator.

Plagiarism: You are not allowed to "copy-paste" anything written by someone else and claim it as yours. You are supposed to write and explain in your own words. If you have been using multiple sources to write your article and you are unsure if you copy-pasted something by mistake, use a plagiarism checker online. It will catch your plagiarism so that you can edit/reword your blog.

References: Just because you used a reference, does not mean you can copy paste a paragraph from an article. You need to write the information yourself based on what you read and add a reference to back it up. Try to use proper references. You can learn more on how to cite references uniformly here:

Grammar: Language errors are part of being human, they are understandable. Try your best to write without grammatical and spelling errors. I would encourage everyone to use free Grammarly. It spell-checks and grammar checks the article. Check it out (upper right of the browser, select "More Tools", select "Extensions", search and add Grammarly).

Try to maintain a good standard for the blog :)
Thank you for writing and educating others with your knowledge!


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