Monday, June 8, 2020


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Let us quickly review the different curves of a tympanogram. 

The following are the yypes of curves in you'll see on a tympanogram:

Type A – Normal pressure and normal compliance in normal ear.

Type As – Reduced compliance (‘s’ means stiffness leading to reduced compliance) and normal pressure.

  • Seen in
    • Otosclerosis or other ossicular fixation
    • Tympanosclerosis
Type Ad – Increased compliance (‘d’ means discontinuity leading to increased mobility) and normal pressure.
  • Seen in
    • Ossicular discontinuity
    • Thin and lax TM


Type B – Flat or dome shaped graph i.e. reduced compliance.

Seen in case of:Serous otitis media.

Thick tympanic membrane.

Type C – Normal compliance but negative pressure due to eustachian tube obstruction.

  • Seen in case of:
    • Retracted tympanic membrane,
    • Early stages before collection of fluid in middle ear.

Hope this was helpful. 

Let's Learn Together! 
Dr. Medha Vyas 

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