Saturday, July 18, 2020

Facebook: Acid and Alkali ingestion question.

Q1) In a child with accidental alkali ingestion, which of the following is recommended as acute treatment:-
A) Administer mild acid
B) Administer milk
C) Administer rice
D) Gag the child to induce emesis

So answer to the above question is Milk, Option B.

For acute administration of caustic ingestion, dilution with milk or water is recommended.
Contraindications in case of caustic ingestion:-
1) Neutralization
2) Induce emesis
3) Gastric lavage

Some key points:-

Acid ingestion produces coagulative necrosis and a somewhat protective thick eschar.
Alkali ingestion produces:-
1) Liquefactive necrosis
2) Saponification of fat
3) Exothermic reaction

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