Sunday, August 2, 2020

Advantages of Breastfeeding to Neonate

Hello friends!
On the International Breast feeding week, I would like to share the advantages of Breastfeeding in neonates.
Advantages of breastfeeding to neonate 
❖ Breast milk provides optimum nutrition for babies. 
❖ During breastfeeding, approximately 0.25-0.5 grams per day of secretory antibodies IgA antibodies pass to the baby via milk. This is one of the most important features of colostrum. 
❖ Breast milk contains several anti- infective factors such as bile salt stimulated lipase and lactoferrin. 
❖ Bile salt stimulated lipase protects against amoebic infections and lactoferrins binds to iron and inhibit the growth of intestinal bacteria. 
❖ Breast feed infants tend to have the fewer cavities and promotes proper development of babies jaw and teeth. 
❖ Babies benefit emotionally because they are held more. 
❖ Breast fed infants tend to have higher IQs due to good brain development early in life. 
❖ In the long term, breast feed babies have a decreased risk of malnutrition, obesity and heart disease compared to formula fed babies.
That's all.
Thank you
Isha Kumari
2nd year MBBS
GMC Bettiah

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