Monday, November 16, 2020

Data Collection Methods





  • A committee with 6-12 people
  • Homogenous group (similar knowledge, socio-economic class etc.)
  • Open-ended questions are put forth for discussion; Facilitator/ Moderator present
  • Record the participant details, their responses (Audio/ Video maybe taken with consent)
  • Duration of discussion: till data saturation (till similar answers are obtained)


Pre-made questionnaires that have been used in studies previously after obtaining consent from the author.


Make a new questionnaire:



*Internal consistency reliability is measured for questions that intend to measure the same thing (If the questionnaire has different sub-divisions intending to measure different things, calculate their correlations separately)

*Division of Questionnaire into two parts can be done by:

        I.            i. Clubbing odd and even questions together etc

      II.            ii. Using Coefficient alpha/ Cronbach’s alpha (GENERALLY DONE)- It is a mean reliability coefficient for all the different ways to split up the questions included in the questionnaire. Value= 0 to 1, Value <0.6 à

Written by our guest author - ANVESHI NAYAN 


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