Sunday, January 31, 2021

Why Foot imaging is essential for Diabetic foot ulcer ?

Because osteomyelitis can arise without evidence of soft tissue infection due to neuropathy (diminished pain) and poor peripheral blood flow (diminished erythema, warmth, and purulence).  Therefore, foot imaging (eg, x-ray, MRI) is generally recommended for all diabetic foot ulcers that are:

deep (eg, exposed bone, positive probe-to-bone testing).

long-standing (eg, present >7-14 days).

large (eg, ≥2 cm).

associated with elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate/C-reactive protein.

associated with adjacent soft tissue infection.

Mnemonic : pay bill for imaging! 

BILL” - Bone , Inflammation/infection , Large , Long standing

That’s all! 

Thank you! 

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