Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Common steps to minor procedures


Steps common to all minor procedures

A) Pre- procedure:

  1. Correct documentation with clinical photograph 

  2. Informed written consent

  3. Universal precautions  

  4. Cleaning with betadine and spirit (or any other antiseptic) 

  5. Infiltration of local anesthesia—Lignocaine with or without adrenaline. Check for the effect of anesthesia by gently poking the same needle in the periphery of the bleb raised by local anesthesia administration

B) Post-procedure: 

  1. Dressing, antibiotics, TT injection when indicated

  2. Advice to patient: The biopsy site should be kept clean and dry for a few days. The bandage should be changed at least once a day and should be changed if it should become wet or damp. Once a substantial scab has formed, or new skin begins to grow over the area and bleeding has stopped, the bandage can be removed



  1. While infiltrating, try to elevate the lesion by raising a wheal which allows the lesion to prop up

  2. Keep a formalin filled pre-labelled container ready for putting the specimen in after its removal

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