Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Corn removal

 Corn Removal

Written informed consent, sterile gauze pieces, povidone-iodine, ethanol, sterile plastic drape, syringe with needle with local anaesthesia, scalpel with no.15 blade, artery forceps, toothed forceps, Babcock forceps, dressing material

• Plantar aspect of foot is sterilized with help of betadine followed by spirit

• Anesthesia- local anesthesia, if required, depending on depth and size of corn

• Patient is sitting/ supine on OT table with knee extended

• PAIRING: The hyperkeratotic tissue surrounding and over the corn area is paired with no 20-24 sterile surgical blade till erythema or transition from hard to less tissue occurs

• Take a circular incision around the corn. Extend it conically inward till you reach the core. (The corn is triangular with base deep inside epidermis. Whole of it should be removed to prevent recurrence)

• With the help of artery or hemostat hold and pull the corn while extending the incision

• Apply betadine and peroxide gauze with pressure to control bleeding

• Dressing done with help of pressure bandage

Advice to patient:
• The patient is instructed to use soft foot wear
• Tetanus immunization and antibiotics as indicated
• Advice about dressing
• Salicylic acid lotion to be applied after 2 weeks or healing to prevent recurrence

Written by our guest author Nitish Garg
Illustration by Anveshi Nayan

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