Wednesday, April 21, 2021


1) Put dressing on wound of the patient

2) Using a Roller Bandage (crepe or cotton bandage, 4-6 inch size), roll the bandage on the anchoring side first

Anchor: It is the first turn of roll to support the bandage 
i) For wound on top of head, side of head, ears, cheek or chin-around forehead and back of head 

ii) For wound on forehead and back of the head-around chin and top of head

3) First loose end of bandage should be untucked and ask patient or relative to hold this first loose end

4) Roll the bandage around the forehead and back of head for two rounds

5) Then cross the bandage by first loose end, continue by bandaging on pressure pad on tops of the head and through chin

6) Finish up the rolling and tie up the other end with the first end, and tuck the loose end


Written by our guest author Varad Chandak
Illustrations by Varad Chandak

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  1. Illustrations are amazing and easy to understand
    Thank you!


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